Thinking of a gift worthwhile for birthday, graduation, and other memorable events?
A quality driver’s education makes an excellent gift for the new driver in your family! Leap Driving Academy gift certificates can be used for our Driver Education courses.
Leap gift certificates include the following features and benefits:
Instant activation: You can purchase a gift certificate online and receive the gift certificate number immediately. The student can use that number to redeem the gift when signing up for class.
Choose the gift amount you like: For example, you can give a portion of the tuition, N35,000, or you might give the entire tuition, N65,000.
No expiration: Leap gift certificates never expire, so you are free to give a gift well in advance of the student’s enrollment.
Physical certificate available: You will also be able to print a paper version of the gift certificate if desired.
Cancelable and Refundable: If the gift certificate is not used for any reason, you can cancel it anytime, and we will refund your purchase.

Leap gift certificates help your new driver get started with the most important step towards a lifetime of safe driving. To purchase a gift certificate.